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shout out to REL 100

Quick second post to say hello to my new bunch of blog followers, aka my students! Hello, and welcome! To my more regular blog readers, an explanation: This semester I am teaching three classes. Two of those are REL 100: … Continue reading

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“protecting life” as a consistent ethical system that is pro-choice & pro-euthanasia

It is interesting to see what motivates a blog post. This one is motivated by something a dear friend posted on Facebook. Her post was about how people’s perspectives on different issues often do not form a consistent whole. When … Continue reading

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some things I’ve been thinking about

My (somewhat unintended) blogging vacation has ended, and I’m back! There is so much stuff running around in my head, and I’ve been trying to narrow in on a post topic for about a week and a half, to no … Continue reading

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