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I vote for a worldview.

I know that you are probably drowning in political ads, posts, and articles (but I hope you aren’t drowning in Hurricane Sandy!). I’m sure you have a million voices telling you how to pick a certain candidate, but if you … Continue reading

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why i am vegetarian

I decided to become vegetarian (ovo-lacto) about seven years ago. In 2005, as I looked at the Thanksgiving turkey on the table in front of me, I decided that I just couldn’t eat meat anymore. People cite all kinds of … Continue reading

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wedding vows that do not assume the woman is property

Many, many things about weddings really bother me. So many of the symbols and rituals of traditional wedding ceremonies are left over from the age of women-as-property being passed from one man to another… and K & I are just … Continue reading

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why do feminists care about racism, class-ism, and heterosexism?

I’ve received lots of great comments and questions about my feminism post. Several of these included surprise about my claim that feminists are primarily concerned (in addition to sexism) with issues like racism, class-ism, and heterosexism. Given that the term … Continue reading

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two definitions of equality

I’ve gotten lots of great feedback, comments, and questions from some of you (either here, in my email, via Skype, or in person) and that feedback is super valuable to me, so please keep it coming. If you have anything … Continue reading

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my feminism

I received a very helpful comment on the feminist pedagogies post from my good friend over at Not2Us. Her comment was about how feminism is a very contested term, and she pointed out that some people have given feminism a bad name. Yes, … Continue reading

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