Here we go again…

I have tried several times to start blogging regularly and have obviously never succeeded. But, the time is now; I must blog.

So here are some topics that might appear on this blog:

  • Transgressing the boundaries between public and private life
    • trying to gain an online “public” presence (Twitter, Facebook, blogosphere, etc.) while navigating privacy
    • trying to believe that other people might be interested in reading my thoughts
  • Transgressing the boundaries between personal and professional life
    • being Facebook friends with my students and my mentors
    • giving students my cell phone number
    • having students call me by my first name
    • time management- how to be an athlete, a coach, a teacher, a writer, a family member, and a healthy individual
    • being young and female in the classroom (issues of respect, etc.)
  • Transgressing boundaries within the academy
    • trying to cross the boundary between adjunct and tenure track professorships
    • trying to be feminist and egalitarian in an inherently hierarchical academy
    • being a woman in a man’s profession/university
    • going from a conference outsider to a conference insider
  • Transgressing boundaries between acceptable and unacceptable topics of polite conversation
    • politics (Yes, I think it is important to discuss politics…. respectfully, of course.)
    • religion (I have studied religion my whole life; it would be difficult not to discuss it at some points.)
    • feminism, racism, heterosexism, etc.
  • Transgressing boundaries between mundane daily choices and intellectual reflection
    • analyzing certain social practices
    • analyzing elements of popular culture
  • Transgressing personal boundaries
    • turning 30
    • considering having children after 30
    • being vegetarian but considering being vegan
    • considering doing triathlons (or perhaps even an IronMan)


So, hopefully these topics will be interesting. My plan is to post every Thursday. It is in my calendar. This is happening.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for topics. And thanks for reading!

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