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limiting work hours?

This week I have been thinking a lot about how to achieve some balance between work, personal/familial necessities, and fun/relaxation. I think that my generation (Millennials) has blurred the lines between work and other aspects of life almost completely….and I … Continue reading

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Dear Small Liberal Arts College

Dear Small Liberal Arts College, You want me. I am an excellent teacher. My students say that my classes are their favorite, that they learned more in my class than in any other college course, that I am organized, personable, … Continue reading

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feminist pedagogies

One of the most important boundaries that I transgress is by bringing feminism into the classroom. In this post, I would like to think about what feminist pedagogy entails. I think that at the heart of feminism is a commitment to … Continue reading

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why “transgressing boundaries”?

The phrase “transgressing boundaries” comes from one of my two favorite feminists, bell hooks. bell hooks is a Black, American, feminist, educator who writes about sexism, racism, popular culture, teaching, and other things that are super important and right up my … Continue reading

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Here we go again…

I have tried several times to start blogging regularly and have obviously never succeeded. But, the time is now; I must blog. So here are some topics that might appear on this blog: Transgressing the boundaries between public and private … Continue reading

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